Top 5 Bollywood Horror Movies

Top 5 Bollywood Horror Movies Mirchi Aug 10 2022

Top 5 Bollywood Horror Movies Although The Horror Genre In The Hindi Film Industry Is Growing From Strength To Strength In The Recent Times But There Are Some Hidden Gems In The Archives Of Our Cinema Which Are Yet To Be Explored. Here We Give You A Mix Of Some Old And New Bollywood Movies Made In This Genre. Source: Mirchi

Top 5 Bollywood Horror Movies Top 5 Bollywood Horror Movies That Will Surely Send Chills Down Your Spine Source: Mirchi

Raaz (2002) ​Raaz Is One Of The Most Celebrated Horror Film In India For Obvious Reasons. The Movie Explored An Entirely New Dimension Of The Horror Genre. Source: Mirchi

Raat (1992) ​Raat Is One Of The Finest Movies In This Genre. The Plot Is Set Into Motion When A Kitten Is Killed And The Leading Lady Is Possessed With Its Spirit. After You Watch This Cult Classic You Will Never Look At Cats The Same Way. Source: Mirchi

Pari (2018) ​Pari Featuring Anushka Sharma As Ifrit Makes You Uneasy In The Worst Ways Possible As You Witness Your Nightmares Come Alive. Source: Mirchi

Ek Thi Daayan (2013) ​The Thought Of Daayans Existing Is Spooky In Itself. Ek Thi Daayan Is A Brave Attempt At Trying Something New. It Is A Cross Between An Out-And-Out Horror Film And A Paranormal Thriller. Definitely A Must Watch! Source: Mirchi

"1920"(2008) ​One Of The Most Terrifying Bollywood Films Of All Time. It Is Filled With Just The Right Amount Of Scary Scenes That Will Keep You Awake The Entire Night! Source: Mirchi

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