Indian Real Estate Industry:​ Tracing The Changes Since The Pandemic

Indian Real Estate Industry: Tracing The Changes Since The Pandemic

The Rise Of Proptech Solutions – Digital Real Estate Search & Transactions​ – Vr & Ar – Big Data & Analytics ​ – Home Automation And Smart Buildings​ – Iot-Based Amenities & Facilities​

Preference For Co-Working Spaces – Cost-Efficient Solution​ – Running The Business 24/7​ -Contributes To Employee Satisfaction – Make New Contacts And Forge New Partnerships​

The Rise In Pricing – Hike In The Overall Costs​ – Rising Demand Of Homes​ – Rising Materials Costs​ – Profit Margin Of Developers ​

Government Schemes & Offers – Tax Exemption Benefit On Interest On Housing Loans ​ – Establishment Of The Affordable Housing Fund​ – Rs 48000 Crore Allotment For Affordable Homes​ -80 Lakh Affordable Units To Be Built

Increased Traction From Homebuyers – Taking Advantage Of Wfh Policies​ – Continued Reliance On Digital Search ​ – Preference For Owning Large Homes With Better Access To Healthcare Safety Openness ​

Emergence Of New Factors – Sustainable Lifestyle​ – Experiential Living​ – Solar Energy Water Harvesting – Electric Charging Points​

The Stability Of Affordable Homes – Affordable Homes Has Seen Tremendous Improvement Over The Years​ – Experientil Livinga – Buying Affordable Homes Is Relatively Safe​ – Stable Rate Of Interest On Loans Improving Affordability Learn More