In Ways We Don'T Know Yet, Covid Vaccine May'Ve Been Lowering Even Non-Covid Death

In Ways We Don'T Know Yet Covid Vaccine May'Ve Been Lowering Even Non-Covid Death Et Online Oct 26 2021

A Whole New Angle That Vaccine Brings Down Covid Deaths Is Now Widely Acknowledged. But Another Angle Has Emerged Now Too. Image Source: Istock

Vax Doubters Take Note There Were Questions About The Effect Of Covid Vaccine On Death From Other Causes. There'S News On That Front. Image Source: Istock

Roll Up That Sleeve Even Non-Covid Deaths Are Lower In Those Vaccinated For Covid Than In Those Who Are Not A Us Study Has Found. Image Source: Istock

America Vax Scene Us Has 3 Vaccines — Pfizer Moderna And J&J. The First Two Comprise Two Doses Each While J&J Is Single-Dose. Image Source: Istock

Pfizer Numbers Pfizer Takers Show A Mortality Rate Of 4.2 Deaths Per 1000 Vaccinated People After 1St Dose & 3.5 After 2Nd. Image Source: Istock

Shocker? Maybe Not Quite The Comparable Mortality Rate Is Much Higher (11.1) In The Comparison Group Comprising The Unvaccinated. Image Source: Istock

Moderna'S Numbers Moderna: 3.7 Per 1000 After 1St Dose And 3.4 After 2Nd. Among The Unvaccinated The Rate Is 11.1. Image Source: Reuters

In J&J Too Same Trend J&J Recipients Have Shown 8.4 Deaths Per 1000 Vaccinated. In The Unvaccinated Group It Stands At 14.7. Image Source: Istock