घर पर करें Pedicure, आसान है तरीका

By Deepali Srivastava Published September 14 2022 Live Hindustan Beauty घर पर करें Pedicure आसान है तरीका

Dirt Often Accumulates On The Feet And The Dead Skin Of The Nails Also Becomes Visible. To Clean It, Women Do Pedicure. What Is Pedicure

In Pedicure, After Cleaning Your Skin, You Have Given A Good Shape To The Nails. You Just Need To Know The Right Way To Do It. What Is The Right Way Pic Credit Shutterstock

If You Also Want To Save Your Money And Time, Then Try To Do Pedicure At Home. We Are Going To Tell You Some Special Tips. Try Special Tips

To Do A Pedicure You Need Nail Clippers Nail Filer Nail Polish Remover Cuticle Cream Cuticle Pusher Pumice Stone Exfoliating Scrub Towel And Tub. Pic Credit Shutterstock

First Of All Remove The Nail Polish Of Your Feet. Use Alcohol Free Nail Remover. This Does Not Cause Any Harm To The Nails. Remove Nail Polish

After Removing The Nail Paint, Fill The Tub With Lukewarm Water And Add Some Shampoo Or Soap To It. Now Put The Feet In It For 15 Minutes And Then Clean The Dead Skin With Pumice Stone. Soak Feet

After Cleaning The Feet, Wipe Them Thoroughly. Then Cut The Nails And Give Them A Good Shape With The Filer. Give Your Nails The Perfect Shape In Circlesquare. Shape The Nail