10 Deadliest Earthquakes In History

A 7.8 Magnitude Quake Struck Turkey Near The Syrian Border Early This Morning. Here Are The Deadliest Earthquakes In History.

Image Source: Getty Japan September 1923: A 7.9 Temblor Killed 1.40 Lakh People And Destroyed Many Structures Causing A Tsunami Up To 40 Feet High.

Image Source: Getty Chile May 1960: Holds The Record For The Strongest Earthquake Ever Recorded With A Richter Scale Reading Of 9.5.

Image Source: Getty Afghanistan May 1998: Two Earthquakes Struck The Hindu Kush Region Just A Few Months Apart Killing 4000

Image Source: Getty Kashmir May 2005: On Oct 8 2005 An Earthquake Measuring 7.6 On The Richter Scale Killed Over 75000 People.

Image Source: Getty China May 2008: The Catastrophic 2008 Earthquake Killed Around 87000 People & Left An Approx 10 Million Homeless.

Image Source: Getty Haiti January 2010: On January 12 2010 A 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Rocked The Haitian City Of Port-Au-Prince.

Image Source: Getty Japan March 2011: Over 19000 People Were Reported Dead Or Missing With Another 6000 Left Injured.

Image Source: Getty Pakistan September 2013: A 7.7-Magnitude Quake Destroyed Entire Villages In Balochistan Killing Around 800 People.